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Some registered bills pertain to judiciary system and intratuin online status of judges: canceling demand regarding the besteden submission of a paper by candidates for judges; Iryna Berezhna has proposed to give judges the right to choose between pension and permanent alimony in amount of 80 waar of remuneration.
Law-enforcement system and justice This sector is parfum the second by the number of submitted bills.Arsenii Yatseniuk, Pavlo Petrenko, and Andrii Pyshnyi have proposed to regulate activities of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine: quorum for meetings consists of 15 judges; the decision is to be taken by not less than 30 judges; a proposal regarding candidates for judges of the.At the same time, an important task is to ensure the feasibility of these initiatives.Members of three opposition factions (Valentyn Nalyvaichenko (udar Oleksandr Shevchenko (AU Svoboda Volodymyr Ariev (AUU Batkivshchyna) and a member of the Party of Regions faction parfum Vitalii Kalyuzhnyi drafted the Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in which cadeaukaart Ukrainian cadeaukaart parliament expresses its parfum position on the.The authors believe that such costs on employment of foreigners, which range from about.500.000 USD, will encourage employers to hire Ukrainian citizens.March was the most productive month for the Svoboda and the udar.Valery Moshenskyi proposes to increase the amount of financial assistance cadeaukaart at retirement age parfum from ten to twelve monthly pensions."Ukrainophobia" refers to decisions, actions or inaction aimed at humiliating hoeveel Ukraine as a state, Ukrainian nation, culture, language, history and traditions.The draft law provides beauty involving specialists and technical personnel for institutional, legal and technical support by territorial election commissions during post-election period.Social problems and Standards Social problems are most urgent problem for the non-faction deputies.The project envisages adoption of a resolution of no confidence in the Government.The author notes that these entities suffer from the financial loss, because they provide subsidies to the utilities amazon service companies, supply citizens with cold and hot water, etc.Environmental policy cadeaukaart Although in terms of quantity the environmental issues and use of natural resources happened to constitute the major topic in the law making activity of Svoboda deputies, according to the content and consequences of these documents they are just a formality.By its another bill, this very group of deputies provides establishment of a special taxation regulations for mothers having many children (the parfum tax rate depends on the number of children that were born (adopted) and are raised by a mother: 2-10, 3-5, 5-0 fostering development.In particular, representatives of the Communist party Petro Symonenko and Petro Tsybenko have registered draft Law 2547 of 3/15/2013 which provide sanctions for the delay of salary, stipend, pension, or the other payments determined by the law, as well as making amendments to the Criminal.Politics and public administration Only three documents out of 65 submitted projects on this issue are not related to the declaration of early local elections.Non-faction deputies pay parfum much attention parfum to the social development of rural cadeaukaart areas and appropriate protection of their inhabitants.Serhii Mishchenko proposes to shorten the list of grounds allowing the police to stop the vehicles.However, it's not the best efficiency coefficient for the Communist party, which members have submitted twice more documents in December 2012 and February and 32 bills respectively. Yaroslav Sukhyi has registered draft Law on Obligatory State Medical Insurance.
Indeed, the Article 24 of the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates that there can be no privileges or restrictions based on ethnicity.
Two of them propose to provide payments to different categories of citizens: those participated in nuclear accident mitigation and nuclear testing, and citizens who live in polluted amazon industrial areas.